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Fontan® Compactstar ULV Sprayer
The Application
Working Principles
The Technique
The Advantage
Tech Specs
What's in the Box?
Optional Accessories

The Application
The Fontan® Compactstar, our electrically driven, cold fogging machine for the efficient combating of insects, pests, fungus diseases, viruses, bacteria, deodorization, and many other types of applications.
  • Plant protection in greenhouses for ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables.
  • Stock protection in silos, store rooms and protection plants for food and agricultural products, textiles and tobacco.
  • Health and hygiene in public, private and commercial areas and in animal keeping (pest control and inhalation, vaccination in the intensive animal keeping).
  • Disinfecting measures in the human area, in animal keeping and in food production plants.
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Working Principles
The Fontan® Compactstar cold fogging machine is driven by an electrical motor. An oil and maintenance free low-pressure rotary pump produces an air stream of high velocity being accelerated in the swirl vane of the nozzle system. This air stream causes suction in the solution pipe, and conveys the chemical solution, which is atomized into the finest aerosol droplets in the nozzle system. The low-pressure system allows the use of a nozzle system with relatively large dimensions. Thus wettable powder suspensions can be applied without the danger of nozzle blocking. A strong electrical blower transports the aerosol fog up to a distance of 200 feet (60 meters) and distributes the droplets evenly by a horizontal and vertical forced air circulation.

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The Technique
The Fontan® Compactstar has a keyboard with an on/off switch and a push button to start the fog application. When started, the entire spraying program runs automatically with the following modes:
  • Mixing:
    Agitating continuously and pneumatically by an air stream being blown into the tank to keep the chemical agent in suspension. This function can be switched off.

  • Fogging Quantity Controlled:
    The machine does not run a set time, but for as long as the preselected quantity is being applied.

  • Ventilator Post-blowing:
    Continuous air circulation by a fan to transport and distribute the droplets evenly, with a programmed post-blowing phase.

  • Stopping the Machine:
    The machine will stop automatically after completion of the spraying process and the post-blowing phase.
During the post-blowing phase the solution pipes and the nozzle system are cleaned by an air stream. In addition the solution pipes and the nozzle system can be flushed after the completion of the spraying application by putting the suction pipe into the clear water flushing container and restarting the machine. This machine can be installed or roller tables or racks or can simply be operated from a standard table.

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The Advantage
The Fontan® line of cold fog generators produce an aerosol fog guaranteeing high efficiency and excellent penetration. The blower provides a forced air circulation with a minimum quantity of chemical preparation. Optimal distribution and coverage is always achieved, including the necessary under leaf coverage for plant protection measures. There is no soil contamination by dripping chemical losses and residues are reduced more rapidly. Therefore, this technique provides a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment. By means of various nozzles, either the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) or the LV (Low Volume) application can be employed.

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Tech Specs
Motor: 1.1 kW single-phase 110 volt motor
     Revolutions (approx.): 2,800 min-1 (50 Hz)
  3,400 min-1 (60 Hz)
     Protection: Integrated automatic thermo-fuse
Compressor: Rotary pump (oil and maintenance free)
     Air Volume (approx.): 35 m3/h
     Pressure: 0.35 bar
     Drive: V-belt
     Revolutions (approx.): 2,400 min-1
Agitator: Pneumatic (function can be switched off with the supplied pinch clamp)
Ventilator: Axial ventilator
     Revolutions (approx.): 2,800 min-1 (50 Hz)
  3,400 min-1 (60 Hz)
     Air Volume (approx.): 4,850 m3/h
Solution Tank: Polyethylene, capacity 15 or 34 liter (approx. 4 or 9 gallons)
Permitted Solution Types: Water Based, Oil Based, Wettable Powders
Flushing Container: Polyethylene, capacity 1 liter or 34 ounces
Fogging data (approx.): Output (measured with water)
     Range: 26,000 square feet or 2,400 meters2
     Range (with additional fans): 52,000 square feet or 4,800 meters2
     Solution Nozzle 62: 2.9 liters or 0.8 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 68: 3.3 liters or 0.9 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 74: 3.8 liters or 1.0 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 92: 5.7 liters or 1.5 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 100: 6.8 liters or 1.8 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 120: 8.7 liters or 2.3 gallons per hour
Electrical Data: 110-130 V/60 Hz (standard)
  220-240 V/60 Hz
  220-240 V/50 Hz
  Please note: the 220-240 V/60 Hz and 220-240 V/50 Hz are considered a special order. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.
System Protection: IP 43
Approximate Weight (empty): 82 lbs. or 37.5 kg (with 34 liter solution tank)
Approximate Measurement (LxWxH): 25x16x33 inches or 65x40x85 cm (without solution tank)

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What's in the Box?
  • Polyethylene Solution Tank, capacity 15 or 34 liter (approx. 4 or 9 gallons) with integrated pneumatic mixer
  • Polyethylene Flushing Container, capacity 1 liter or 34 ounces
  • Solution Funnel with Strainer (0.1 mm mesh width)
  • Allen Key / Screw Driver
  • Instruction Manual with Operation, Maintenance and Repair Instructions (also includes complete spare parts list)
  • Nozzle Set:
    • Nozzle 62
    • Nozzle 68
    • Nozzle 74 (installed)
    • Nozzle 92
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Optional Accessories
  • Timer
  • Additional Nozzles:
    • Nozzle 100
    • Nozzle 120
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