Fontan® Starlet ULV Sprayer - Sprayers for Insect Control and Plant Protection in your Greenhouse or Nursery

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Fontan® Starlet ULV Sprayer
The Application
Working Principles
The Technique
The Advantage
Tech Specs
What's in the Box?
Optional Accessories

The Application
The Fontan® Starlet, our small electrically driven, cold fogging machine for the efficient combating of insects, pests, fungus diseases, viruses, bacteria, deodorization, and many other types of applications.
  • Plant protection in greenhouses for ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables.
  • Stock protection in silos, store rooms and protection plants for food and agricultural products, textiles and tobacco.
  • Sprout inhibition of potatoes.
  • Health and hygiene in public, private and commercial areas and in animal keeping (pest control and inhalation, vaccination in the intensive animal keeping).
  • Deodorization and disinfecting measures in the human area, in animal keeping and in food production plants.
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Working Principles
The Fontan® Starlet cold fogging machine is electrically driven by a strong 1.5 kW collector motor. An oil-and maintenance-free three-stage turbine produces an air stream of high velocity, which is further accelerated in the swirl vane of the nozzle system. This air stream causes suction in the solution pipe, and conveys the chemical solution, which is atomized into extremely fine aerosol droplets at the spray diffuser of the spray pistol. The ULV (ultra low volume) mode can be switched at the control panel to the LV (low volume) mode, which produces an overpressure of 0.32 bar in the solution tank. This operation allows the output of the chemical solution to increase, which in turn generates bigger LV droplets of meaner suspension power.

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The Technique
The Fontan® Starlet is a compact, light ULV/LV aerosol cold fog generator, which can be deployed in various areas. The controls are clear and simple and guarantee ease of operation. The quantity of chemical solution delivered is defined by the selected nozzle installed in the spray pistol, and by selecting the switch setting of ULV or LV mode. Depending on the nozzle size, the output quantities in ULV are between 2.6 and 10.8 liters/hour, and in LV the output is between 7 and 50 liters/hour. The spray pistol is connected to the unit with flexible hoses. The pistol is equipped with a trigger for interval operation, which can also be locked and mounted on the machine for continuous operation. There are 3 different polyethylene solution tanks available, which may be fitted to the machine complete with holding frames and connection hoses, with capacities of 6, 11, or 34 liters.

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The Advantage
The Fontan® Starlet cold fog generator proves itself through its very high performance. The machine is deployable in many areas due to its lightweight and small dimensions. The Starlet allows the choice of ULV or LV spraying methods. With the ULV method the machine ensures an efficient room treatment through aerosol fog, and with the LV method, a targeted surface treatment. With small quantities of fogging solution in both methods an optimum spreading and coating is achieved without loss from dripping; thereby reducing the chemical solution needed to treat an area resulting in economic and environmental savings. The Starlet allows the use of water or oil-based solutions, as well as wettable powders.

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Tech Specs
Motor: 1.5 kW single-phase 110-130 volt motor
     Revolutions (approx.): 21,000 min-1
     Protection: Contact breaker in main switch
Compressor: Turbine with 3 stages
     Air Volume (approx.): 32 m3/h
     Pressure: 0.35 bar
     Drive: Direct drive
     Revolutions (approx.): 21,000 min-1
Solution Tank: Polyethylene, capacity 6, 11 or 34 liter (approx. 1.6, 2.9 or 9 gallons)
Permitted Solution Types: Water Based, Oil Based, Wettable Powders
Fogging data (approx.): Output (measured with water)
     Range: 5,400 square feet or 500 meters2
     Range (with additional fans): 10,800 square feet or 1,000 meters2
     Treatable Volume: 71,000 cubic feet or 2000 meters3
ULV Mode  
     Solution Nozzle 62: 2.6 liters or 0.7 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 68: 3.0 liters or 0.8 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 74: 3.5 liters or 0.9 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 92: 4.8 liters or 1.3 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 100: 5.5 liters or 1.5 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 120: 7.3 liters or 1.9 gallons per hour
     Without Solution Nozzle: 10.8 liters or 2.9 gallons per hour
LV Mode  
     Solution Nozzle 62: 7.0 liters or 1.9 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 68: 8.1 liters or 2.1 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 74: 9.3 liters or 2.5 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 92: 13.8 liters or 3.7 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 100: 17.4 liters or 4.6 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 120: 28.2 liters or 7.5 gallons per hour
     Without Solution Nozzle: 50.0 liters or 13.2 gallons per hour
Electrical Data: 110-130 V / 50/60 Hz (standard)
  220-240 V / 50/60 Hz
  Please note: the 220-240 V / 50/60 Hz is considered a special order. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.
System Protection: IP 43
Approximate Weight (empty): 26 lbs. or 12 kg (without solution tank)
Approximate Measurement (LxWxH): 15x14x12 inches or 39x36x30 cm (without solution tank)

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What's in the Box?
  • Solution Funnel with Strainer (0.1 mm mesh width)
  • Allen Key / Screw Driver
  • Instruction Manual with Operation, Maintenance and Repair Instructions (also includes complete spare parts list)
  • Nozzle Set:
    • Nozzle 62
    • Nozzle 68
    • Nozzle 74 (installed)
    • Nozzle 92
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Optional Accessories
  • Polyethylene Solution Tank, capacity 6, 11 or 34 liter (approx. 1.6, 2.9 or 9 gallons) with with holding frames and connection hoses
  • Air and Spraying Mixture Extension Hose (6.5 ft or 2 m in length) with connectors
  • Additional Nozzles:
    • Nozzle 100
    • Nozzle 120
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