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Fontan® Portastar Backpack Sprayer
The Application
Working Principles
The Technique
The Advantage
Tech Specs
What's in the Box?
Optional Accessories

The Application
The Fontan® Portastar, our knapsack, gas driven ULV aerosol cold fogging machine for efficient mosquito control, vector control, vermin pest, plus other public health tasks.
  • Effective mosquito control in woods, swamps, creeks, streams, etc.
  • Plant protection in greenhouses and plantations (ornamental plants, vegetables, cocoa, sugar cane, coffee, palm trees, cotton and cereals).
  • Stock protection in silos, store rooms and protection plants for food and agricultural products, textiles and tobacco.
  • Disinfecting measures in the human area, in animal keeping and in food production plants.
  • Health and hygiene in public, private and commercial areas and in animal keeping (vector and communicable disease control, and pest control).
  • Deodorization measures in the human area, and in animal keeping.
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Working Principles
The Fontan® Portastar ULV aerosol cold fogging machine is driven by a robust 2-stroke engine. An oil and maintenance free low-pressure rotary pump produces an air stream of high velocity, which is further accelerated in the swirl vane of the nozzle system. This air stream produces suction in the solution pipe and conveys the chemical solution, which is atomized into an extremely fine and uniform droplet spectrum at the nozzle system. The application is carried out with the ergonomically designed spraying pistol equipped with a start/stop trigger for intermittent or continuous spraying.

The Fontan® Portastar is specially designed for the dispersion of ULV formulations and/or highly concentrated chemical preparations. The output quantities range between 0.25 and 1.6 gallons/hour (or between 1 and 6 liter/hour) depending on the nozzle installed.

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The Technique
The Fontan® Portastar is an efficient target treatment ULV applicator. It was first introduced to the market back in 1978. This proved to be a milestone in cold fogging technology, because it was the first motorized device in the world that could be used in the form of a knapsack and was specially designed for ULV applications. Today’s Fontan® Portastar is a genuine knapsack ULV aerosol generator. The machine has a lightweight and compact construction and an excellent performance to weight ratio. The backrest protects the operator from direct contact with the back plate of the machine, which virtually eliminates the transmission of heat and vibrations from the engine and rotary pump. The oil and maintenance free low pressure rotary pump and the air filter with a large filtering surface, provide a reliable and continuous working operation.

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The Advantage
The Fontan® Portastar produces an aerosol fog of extremely high efficiency and penetration. Contrary to conventional mist blowers (with or without ULV attachment), which work with blowers of extremely high air output, the Portastar rotary pump produces only 1,200 cubic feet (or 35 cubic meters) of air. This advantage allows the cloud of aerosol droplets to remain concentrated and not dispersed or scattered too rapidly or ineffectively by a high volume of air.

The ULV method ensures an economic consumption of chemical preparations. A minimum amount processed into a uniform droplet spectrum of approximately 2 - 20 microns guarantees an optimal distribution and coverage without dripping losses.

Today, tens of thousands of our products are successfully in use throughout the world. Health and military organizations frequently use the Fontan® Portastar to efficiently combat mosquitoes and other vector.

We believe that the Fontan® Portastar is currently the most modern and technically advanced machine of its type.

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Tech Specs
Engine: Two-stroke engine, air-cooled
     Cubic Capacity: 43.2cm3
     Maximum Power: 1.32 kW/1.8 hp @ 7,000 min-1
     Operating Power: 1.21kW/1.6 hp @ 5,500 min-1
     Fuel: Regular grade gasoline, leaded or unleaded
     Fuel Consumption: 0.25 gallons or 0.95 liters per hour
     Engine Oil: Two-stroke
     Oil/Fuel Mixture: 1:25
     Ignition: Electromagnetic
     Carburetor: Diaphragm carburetor
     Starter: Manual recoil starter
Compressor: Rotary pump (oil and maintenance free)
     Air Volume (approx.): 35 m3/h
     Pressure: 0.4 bar
     Drive: Direct drive with centrifugal clutch
Spraying System: Spraying pistol with a trigger for intermittent or continuous spraying and interchangeable nozzles.
Solution Tank: Polyethylene, UV light resistant 0.75 gallons or 2.8 liters
Fuel Tank: Polyethylene, UV light resistant 0.25 gallons or 1 liter
Permitted Solution Types: Water Based, Oil Based, Wettable Powders
Spraying Data (approx.): Output (measured with water)
     Range: Indoor, 27 ft or 8 m
  Outdoor, 46 ft or 14 m (at 0.2 m/sec wind speed)
     Fog distribution by drift : 165 ft or 50 m
     Solution Nozzle 30: 1 liter  or 0.25 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 45: 2 liters or 0.50 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 58: 3 liters or 0.80 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 68: 4 liters or 1.05 gallons per hour
     Solution Nozzle 84: 6 liters or 1.60 gallons per hour
Droplet Size: 2 - 20 microns (adjustable)
Air Velocity at the Nozzle: 200 m/sec
Approximate Weight (empty): 26 lbs. or 12 kg
Approximate Measurement (LxWxH): 15x15x19 in or 40x40x48 cm

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What's in the Box?
  • Solution Funnel with Strainer (0.1 mm mesh width)
  • Fuel Funnel with Strainer (0.1 mm mesh width)
  • Tool Kit
  • Instruction Manual with Operation, Maintenance and Repair Instructions (also includes complete spare parts list)
  • Nozzle Set:
    • Nozzle 30
    • Nozzle 45 (installed)
    • Nozzle 58
    • Nozzle 84
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Optional Accessories
  • Additional Nozzle:
    • Nozzle 68
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