Fogmaster jr 5330

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Fogmaster jr 5330
Fogmaster jr 5330

The Fogmaster jr 5330 fogger is a reliable, less expensive fogger for smaller applications. When a smaller or less expensive fogger is needed, consider the jr.

The Fogmaster jr 5330 can be used for:

  • Car detailing
  • Rental car turnarounds
  • Hotel room smoke odors
  • Treat pet stains and odors
  • Control flying insects on patios and lawns
  • Apply BT or soap solutions to gardens (get underside of leaves)
  • Mist cut flowers and interior foliage
  • Apply waxes and shines
  • Soften leather
  • Apply preservatives and lubricants
  • Raise humidity in coolers.

It's easy to use. Twist the power head to detach the tank and pour in your solution. Another half twist and you're ready to go. Switch on the handle to run. Adjust output size, from a fine light fog to a coarse mist, with the rotary valve.

The jr -- for those "in between" jobs -- too small for an industrial unit, too large for a trigger sprayer or pump-up.

Tech Specs

Motor: 1/4 Hp, 120VAC, 3 amp [optional: 240V, 1.5 amp]
Fogging Nozzle: High-shear, counter-rotating vortex design
Liquid Flow Rate: 0-4 oz/min [0-120 ml/min], adjustable
Droplet Size: 15-40 micron VMD, adjustable
Solution Tank: 1 quart [950 ml]
Permitted Solution Types: Water Based, Oil Based
Fog Penetration: 10-15 ft
Materials of Construction: • Nozzle and housing - Nylon
• Tank - Polyethylene
• Tubing - Fuel and oil resistant vinyl
• Fittings - Brass
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs. or 2 kg, single unit
Approximate Measurement (LxWxH):  
Warranty: 1 year